Kennis zonder daad is doellos. Daad zonder kennis is richtingloos.

– Ir. Soekarno

My name is Jazirah Rose Manalang, people call me Jazi. I was born in Jakarta on January 4th 1998. Currently, I’m an undergraduate student of political science at University of Indonesia. The focus of my study is Indonesian Politics and Democratization.

I’m very interested in social and political issues. Urban politics, political economy, democracy and globalization are my core studies. Studying political science gives me the foundation to understand and analyze those issues.

I implement my political science knowledge in all of my intra-campus organizations’ activities. In 2016, I was a staff at BEM FISIP UI Department of Studies and Strategic Act. During my time as a staff, I was positioned as the vice project office of a national event called Festival Kota Kastrat. Festival Kota Kastrat’s main objective was to socialize about the idea of Right to The City to university students from all over Indonesia. In 2017, I served as the Head HMIP FISIP UI Department of Social and Political Studies. Department of Social and Political Research’s tasks are: (1) do research regarding social and political issues; (2) raise public’s awareness regarding social and political issues; and (3) create an open public discussion. Presently, I’m positioned as the Coordinator of Division of Community Service at HMIP FISIP UI 2018.

The purpose of this blog is to disseminate my article regarding social and political issues to the public. I also often publish my school paper and book review. I do realize that the writings on this blog are not perfect and there are still many shortcomings, so I am open for criticism and suggestions.

Jazirah R. Manalang

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