Kennis zonder daad is doellos. Daad zonder kennis is richtingloos.

– Ir. Soekarno

My name is Jazirah Rose Manalang. People call me Jazi, but I like it better when they call me Jazirah instead. I was born on January 4th 1998  in Jakarta. Currently, I’m an undergraduate student of political science at University of Indonesia.

Soekarno once said, “Kennis zonder daad is doellos. Daad zonder kennis is richtingloos.” The meaning of that quotation is knowledge without action is objectless, and action without knowledge is aimless. As a college student, I gain a lot of knowledge. I feel obligated to share that knowledge to other people other than myself. This blog is the embodiment of my action to do so.

I like to refer myself as an earnest enthusiast of social and political phenomena. But frankly, I’m just a scholar wannabe. The topics which I give my attention to are democracy, political economy, globalization and urban politics. Political science gives me the analytical foundation to understand issues related to those topics.

I hope that this blog is useful for the reader. I do realize that the writings on this blog are not perfect and there are still many shortcomings, so I am open to criticism and suggestions.



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